legislative semester full session

The Legislative Semester is an innovative government and civics curriculum that engages students from multiple class sections in a semester long simulation of the legislative process.  



Identified by the McCormick Foundation “Civic Blueprint for Illinois High Schools” as an exemplary civics education curriculum.


The “No Excuses” Report from the 2010 Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools highlighted the Legislative Semester in its profile of Community High School in West Chicago, IL as one of eleven schools across the country that exemplify high-quality civic learning.  

Over 18,000 students have been involved over the course of 23 years.

legislative semester

"With the Legislative Semester students were not doing work for points or grades, students worked as hard as they did because they cared about the issues.  The issues were deeper than grades, they were personal. "

-Louis Herrmann

 Student Lisle High School

Students discuss madatory vaccinations.